Gargano, Gargaros, Mountain of Stone: Art, History and Folklore of a place out of time

In the splendid setting of the Gargano, among boundless beech and olive trees that are rooted in time and history, stands one of the most rugged promontories of the area that embeds and protects the beautiful town of San Giovanni Rotondo. It is here that the Fiorentino family, for more than 3 generations, lovingly manages and cares for the charming Hotel Villa Fiorentino, strategically located just a few minutes from the most important centers of worship, the structure and the staff take care of every stay in every detail, meeting all customer needs. The structure also boasts several internal rooms: being able to count on several restaurant rooms and a huge reception room, Hotel Villa Fiorentino also offers its customers an impressive swimming pool.

It is also complete with:

  • POOL
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