Welcome to the Hotel Villa Fiorentino in San Giovanni Rotondo

    The Gargano National Park houses, among the various excellences, the historic town of San Giovanni Rotondo: set among the karst mountains of the Gargano, the town is known to most for the religious cult of San Pio da Pietrelcina, a symbol that attracts millions each year of faithful from all over the world.

    Who we are

    The Hotel Villa Fiorentino has its origins in 1950, from the pioneer Francesco Paolo Fiorentino together with his wife Costanza Placentino, they created this place of welcome following the growing demand of the pilgrims devoted to San Pio da Pietrelcina.

    They first started with the construction of a banquet hall, later they also inaugurated a restaurant.
    To widen the clientele and to satisfy the demand of the pilgrims, they built the first 9 rooms, to which another 10 were added, they enlarged the reception hall and so began to grow up to the construction of 100 rooms and 5 dining rooms.

    Passing through generation, the organization and management passed into the hands of the three sons Michelangelo, Lazzaro and Raffela.

    The hotel has 100 rooms with all the comforts, five dining rooms, a reception room, an outdoor pool, a bar, a dance hall, and a conference room, all equipped with wifi and parking for cars and buses.

    The Hotel is located in an area well-stocked with tobacco, food, pharmacies, about 800m from the places of San Pio, easily reachable on foot or by shuttles, and 800m from the city center of San Giovanni Rotondo.


    Located in the immediate vicinity of the center of San Giovanni Rotondo, Hotel Villa Fiorentino offers its guests a staff ready for any need to guarantee you the best stay possible.

    Hotel Villa Fiorentino meets all the needs of its customers with different types of rooms: single, double and triple;

    We welcome you and your guests in the Bridal Room: you will have a huge room to share only with your guests in total privacy.

    San Giovanni Rotondo and the Gargano National Park

    In the immediate vicinity

    The Gargano National Park is home to several milestones worthy of note: from the historic town of San Giovanni Rotondo you will have the opportunity to discover the immensity of the Umbra Forest with its beeches Vetuste, the villages of San Marco in Lamis and Monte Sant'Angelo a few kilometers away, the Lake of Varano and the unforgettable Tremiti Islands.

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